guestbook5-197x300-newTHE GUESTBOOK

“The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst has all the makings of a New York Times Bestseller. A great read for the beach, hotel or cruise ship, The Guestbook, Ms. Hurst’s debut novel exhibits storytelling at its best and a writing acumen borne from experience and understanding the human condition. A masterly first go.” — Susan Wingate, Amazon Bestseller and Author of Award-winning novels, Drowning and Bobby’s Diner.

"…wonderful and intriguing storyline! If you liked the Notebook, you will love this book too."

"This book gives hope and provides realistic scenarios and shows you that not only can the rug be pulled out from under any of us, but that we all have the ability to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and begin again. It’s truly never too late for a happy ever after!"

"It warmed my heart and renewed my faith that life can have happy endings"

"Uplifting read, reminding me to strive to reach my goals, treat people with love and respect, and to be a good friend."

"This is a story that captured every sense engaging the reader from the first page. With savory recipes that made my mouth water, elegant descriptions of the Pacific Northwest which made me remember why I love living there, and a story that filled the soul, I loved this book."



"Tea & Comfort is interwoven with warmth, friendship and learning to love and trust again.
Her best book yet!"

"Loved the 1st two books of the trilogy! Can't wait for the final book of the series to be released!!

"Tea & Comfort by Andrea Hurst is a quick & easy read that reminds the readers to believe in second chances and to give love a chance. Ms. Hurst has written a wonderful second installment in The Madrona Island series. I love the fact that Kyla has to face her past head on, not only in the love department, but in life in general. A person can't change who they are or where they are from, but they can embrace it, face it head on, and be the best possible person they can be and this is exactly what Kyla has been doing for the last two years on Madrona Island, that is until her past catches up with her, now she has to set things right in all aspects of her life. Will she run again or will she finally give her true love a second chance? Tea & Comfort is the perfect title for this book because for Kyla to face her fears and her past she not only needs the love and support of her friends, but she also needs the comfort of being in the arms of an old love. This book is about believing in yourself, trusting the people closest to you and giving yourself and others a second chance. It is wonderfully written and is a book that is very hard to put down. I can't wait for the third book of the series."



"I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, and I was not disappointed in this one. This one can be read as a standalone, but I certainly recommend reading the first two books in the series to get the background on the characters and because they are worth reading. This author knows how to write a story with wonderful characters and a story line that keeps you reading once you start it, and she has accomplished that with this one. This is an outstanding read that I certainly recommend. I am definitely sorry to see this series end and to have to say goodbye to the characters in the stories."




“Always With You is the bittersweet and poignant love story of a woman trapped between temptation and the ties that bind.”
—Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of On the Island and Covet.

“Warm-hearted, wise, touchingly written, and exploring the depths of human emotions. This book about forbidden love is not to be missed.”
—Bharti Kirchner, Author of five novels including Darjeeling and Tulip Season.

Awe this love story is a sweet one, about Star crossed lovers. True love knows no end. 🙂 a good read



“Whenever someone asks me to suggest a role model, I point to my dogs.”
— from the foreword by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel

“Anyone who has experienced the unconditional love of animals should remember that it is a profound real-life lesson worth applying to the rest of our lives. The Lazy Dog’s Guide to Enlightenment is a welcome reminder.”
— Tom Corwin, author of Mostly Bob

“The Lazy Dog’s Guide to Enlightenment grabbed me from the first photo. I kept turning pages until I had gone through the whole book — without realizing I had done so. It was wonderful. I don’t see how anyone who loves dogs could fail to love this book. The concept, execution, and content are perfect. This book will definitely be on my permanent animal lovers’ gift list. Five stars!”
— Skip Haynes, president, Laurel Canyon Animal Company